Our Centre Environment

We are a small, community based centre (not for profit), located in close proximity to Colonnades, Noarlunga TAFE, Noarlunga bus & train terminals and Noarlunga health & family services

Our small and consistent staff team engage with each child individually to form secure and respectful relationships

We are a ‘lunch box’ centre, allowing children to bring foods from home they are familiar with, enjoy eating and are suitable to their individual needs. We encourage families to pack healthy lunch boxes, with ideas available at the Right Bite website

We have a focus on outdoor learning, with a nature-based learning environment that offers an opportunity for creativity to take root and for curiosity and spontaneity to be realised. Our outdoor space connects children to the natural world with dry creek bed, water feature, climbing spaces, sandpit and open play areas.

We have a focus on sustainable practices with a veggie garden offering seasonal vegetables and plants and a rain water tank.

Cancer Council Sun Smart Centre

We are part of the Be You Learning Community programming, which aims to support children and their families mental wellbeing. More information can be found here Be You Website

In 2019 we received our Little Scientist accreditation. This program encourages early childhood centres to combine inquiry-based learning with age-appropriate STEM exploration and encourage daily scientific exploration with children aged 3 to 6 years. Little Scientists