The Centre

Our Vision

We aim to provide flexible quality care and education that meets the needs of our families.

We aim to provide a caring, safe and secure environment where children are treated equitably and differences are valued.

We believe children should be involved and interested learners.

Relationships with Children

We believe that educators should listen to children, and show that they are interested in how they think and feel. Secure, respectful and equitable relationships should be maintained and educators should be actively involved in children's learning.

We value children as competent capable learners. We believe that planning for children's learning, including documenting children's interests and strengths and informs future learning. The Early Years Learning Framework is central to our practices and informs curriculum decision making.


We believe educators should be supported in lifelong learning. We acknowledge the key guiding principles of the National Legislation and The Early Years Learning Framework.

We believe that there should be a consistent approach to professional standards, confidentiality and an accepted code of conduct.

Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

We aim to support and welcome Families and Caregivers, creating connections with the wider community.

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