Flexible, hourly care – permanent and casual bookings (dependent on availability)

Full fees with no child care subsidy (occasional/hourly rate)

  • $12.31/ hour
  • $123.10 / 10 hours

Occasional care incurs no holding or cancellation fees (as per conditions below)

Cancellation is required by 5.30pm the day prior to the booking.

If cancellation is not received as per these conditions, fees are charged as per the normal booking

Full fees with for long day care bookings (10 hour session)

  • $109.80 / 10 hour session

Long day care fees are charged, regardless of attendance or cancellation reasons

Please note that the above fees are for full fee

We can give an accurate fee price once we are provided with your exact child care subsidy entitlement

Further Information

Information about government child care fee assistance for families can be found at:

Information about applying for child care subsidy can be found at:

Child Care Subsidy is available to families who are eligible. Visit the Government Human Services website for more information